About Us

Our main goal is to retain talented individuals in the local community by inspiring and motivating the younger generation, showcasing what Eastbourne and the surrounding area has to offer.

The idea of creating and holding a new job fair in Eastbourne was born due to a gap in the market, in order to support local job seekers and businesses. Due to the Covid 19 pandemic and Brexit the recruitment market dipped, and we noticed that there was no event to prevent it in the area. Some local businesses got together and the Enterprise Job Fair EBN was born. We want to showcase current and future job offerings, attracting current and future young professionals, and create networking opportunities for all industry specialists in Eastbourne.

Our mission is also to increase brand awareness in the community, which will support exhibiting companies.

We strive to make our fair a recurring event, happening twice a year - once in October and once around March or April. We hope to grow the event to involve more businesses and impact a greater number of members of the local community, increasing partnership and networking ties with the participating businesses going forward.

Let us know if you'll be attending!